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Postal Boxes

Postal Boxes are ideal for people who want to mail items easily and cheaply as they are often lightweight, and meet the size standard set by the Royal Mail for Small Packages.  These boxes are also ideal for people selling smaller items on eBay and Amazon, for example.  

We can supply Postal Boxes in either one-off orders, or on a recurring basis if you require a regular supply.

Single Wall Box 410 x 330 x 215mm

from £0.50

Single Wall Box 434 x 249 x 62mm

from £0.45

Single Wall Box 445 x 394 x 183mm

from £0.65

Strong Double Wall Box 450 x 305 x 178mm

from £0.88

Single Wall, Multi Height Box 455 x 340 x 265/235/205/182mm

from £0.60

Strong Double Wall Box 457 x 305 x 305mm

from £1.12

Strong Double Wall Box 475 x 310 x 245mm

from £1.14

Die Cut White Box 479 x 271 x 45mm

from £0.62

Die Cut, Double Wall Box 625 x 140 x 130mm

from £0.49

Packaging Tape - Brown 48mm x 66m

from £0.98